My Big Sister (former veggie hater), Is Now Plant-Based

My Sister--Before & After

My Sister–Before & After

I posted this picture on my big sister’s facebook page today. I’m so very proud of her! She witnessed my journey back to health over the last two years and was happy for me. But, she repeatedly told me she couldn’t do it because she hated vegetables. We sat in our mom’s kitchen approximately year ago, and I asked her if she really hated ALL veggies, or only some, and asked her to tell me some she liked. She reluctantly named a couple–potatoes & corn, if I remember correctly. Then I named a few, and asked her if she liked them. Some she did, some she didn’t. “Definitely not broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, or cucumbers!” After a couple of minutes, I told her she liked enough veggies, fruits, grains, beans, pastas, etc. to easily do this. Shortly after our talk, I asked her if she would do me a favor– just for me, if for no other reason. I wanted her to read The China Study. She had already watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives, a year or so earlier. Much to my surprise, I didn’t have beg or even ask twice. She was very willing to read it at that point, and that was the ‘Seal the Deal’ moment. She read it, got herself together, and changed her life and health. And I couldn’t be prouder!

Less than one year later, she’s down 50 lbs. and off almost all of her medications for allergies and hormonal/menopause meds. Previously, she had high blood pressure and the doctor wanted to put her on something for it. She was also anemic. Just like me, she experienced swollen and painful joints (our mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis), along with tingling and numbness in some areas. Now, her blood pressure and cholesterol are in excellent ranges, she is no longer anemic, the joint pain is gone, and her doctors are astounded. AND, her taste buds are changing majorly! She now likes many more veggies, including cucumbers and cabbage.

When I asked her to tell me how she feels now, compared with how she felt before, she said, “I think the most satisfying thing to me is that I feel like I’m on a positive path. I’m in control, my body is not controlling me. I feel so good! Like my body is finally working with me, and not against me.”

And, I’m one very happy little sister!


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