Veggie Kabobs–


Veggie Kabobs


Veggie Kabobs with corn



Serve over rice

There’s lots of things to grill for plant-based, whole foods eaters–kabobs, corn on cob, tofu steaks, asparagus, and much more. A helpful hint when grilling tofu, for either kabobs or steaks. Freeze the tofu first. Just toss in the freezer in the plastic tub it comes in. When you’re ready to use it, defrost on the counter, drain, marinate for 30 minutes or more, slice, and grill.

Choose which-ever healthy marinate you like, or make my simple Asian Sauce. I use this sauce, not only for marinate, but also for stir fries, dipping sauce, and rice flavoring. The nice thing about using it as a marinate for plant-based grilling is that once your veggies are marinated, you don’t have to discard it like you do after it has touched raw meats. I collect mine in a bowl and pour it over the rice with veggie kabobs for extra flavor.

Asian Sauce:
¼ cup Tamari (or soy sauce)
¼ cup water
Lemon juice (1-1/2 Tbsp or juice from 1/2 lemon)
½ Tbsp sugar (I use an unrefined sugar called sucanat)
Arrowroot powder to thicken

Adjust all ingredients for your taste. Easy and delicious!


Tofu Steaks with Portobello Mushrooms, Broccoli, and Cauliflower–


Tofu Steaks


Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger–


Marinate and grill to perfection!




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